Team Awards

Glasgow South Sector Smokefree Services (left to right): Ann Soutar, Wendy Thompson, Bernadette Campbell, Allison Carroll

Commended: Glasgow South Sector (Mental Health) Smokefree Services

Glasgow South Sector Smokefree team set up a support session for clients of Glasgow Association of Mental Health offering a 12-week intensive support programme. Although the numbers were small, 8 to 10 clients attending each week, at week 12, six clients had stopped smoking and two had reduced their smoking to just the odd cigarette or puff daily, equating to a 60 per cent success rate in a difficult population.

The extra time and flexibility of the 12-week programme plus additional support, such as relaxation sessions, have had a positive impact. A number of the clients also reported major boosts in confidence. One woman, who had not managed to go out on her own or travel by public transport by herself for several years, decorated her house and took her kids out to the cinema for the first time with the money that she had saved from stopping smoking. Rachael Murray said: ‘The team are targeting a difficult, hard-to-reach population, and their efforts show evidence of broader benefits to general health and wellbeing.’