Individual Award

Debbie Crebbin and Cindy Ferneyhough, Gloucestershire Stop Smoking Service Quit Stop Shop

Winners: Debbie Crebbin and Cindy Ferneyhough

Since 2012 Cindy Ferneyhough and Debbie Crebbin have supported 2,034 quit attempts and helped 1,555 people stop smoking. They work at Gloucestershire Stop Smoking Service Quit Stop Shop, which has seen a 15 per cent drop in footfall with the arrival of four shops selling e-cigarettes within a 100m radius.

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, Debbie and Cindy have ensured quit rates remain high. Their intensive follow-up and support work meant that, although they saw a 6 per cent decrease in total number of quitters between 2013/14 and 2014/15, they increasing their four-week quit rate by 7 per cent, helping 505 people quit last year.

They achieve this by calling around all clients each week, letting them know that they are always welcome back when they feel ready to quit. Debbie and Cindy never give up on clients, even those on their seventh or eighth attempt. They revised booking systems, so that clients could see the same advisors, and introduced later appointments to cater for those at work.

For clients unable to attend weekly or fortnightly appointments, they have also set up a virtual clinic whereby clients can receive support over the phone or via video chat using a programme called WebEx. Michael Walsh said use of technology, quit certificates and ease of access ‘have combined to produce a quality service with impressive results’.