Individual Runner up - Anna Magosz

Anna Magosz decided to use her Polish language skills to take the antismoking message to Northamptonshire’s Polish community. As a result of her outreach work, 82 Polish smokers set quit dates between 8th April 2013 and 31st December 2013. Of these, 71 per cent (58) quit smoking within four weeks.

Anna realised that clients often found it easier to speak in their mother tongue to fully explore and explain the complex needs and emotions linked to their smoking. She provided bilingual leaflets and posters to local churches, shops, social groups, and children’s centres used by the Polish community. She also encouraged Polish employees of NHS trusts to pass on their Polish patients.

At the start of the initiative in April 2013, there were no dedicated clinics to help Polish speakers in Northamptonshire. By January 2014, there are two: one in the north and one in the south of the county.

One Polish client who quit successfully commented: 'I don't speak English much, but advisor was Polish so I could speak my own language. I quit only because I could talk about how I feel and she understood me and helped.'

Judge Dr Bobak says: 'Anna achieved excellent results with a group where there is a great need to stop smoking. Before she came on the scene there didn’t seem to be much on offer for this group. For one person to achieve 58 quits in nine months is fantastic and a great example of what one dedicated person can do. It also shows the great results which can be achieved by targeting niche groups as some of the other applicants demonstrated.'